Can you help me pick a printer?
Yes, we have relationships with a few online printers that we think do great work. Just ask us for a recommendation.

How long will it take to get my new logo?

We turn around designs in two to three business days for each design review cycle, so a lot of how long it takes to finish a logo depends on how many design reviews the project has. We aim to finish logo design projects within two weeks. If you need something quicker we do offer rush jobs, email us for more information about that.

What file formats do you give to us?
We will give you your artwork in EPS, AI, PDF and JPG format and everything will be bundled and named clearly. If you want to request a different format, just let us know!

I have a website that needs a logo file at a certain size, can you create one at a custom size?
Yes, we can do that and we will even upload it to your site or profile, email us for more information.

Do you create social media graphics?
Yes, we do that regularly, email us for more information.

What is the best file format for using Photoshop?
The logo file format that is a JPG is the best one for use in Photoshop.

If I want to scale my logo really big for use on a poster or large banner, which file should I use for that?
In order to scale your artwork really large, you’re going to want to use either an Adobe Illustrator or PDF file because they are vector artwork, which can be scaled to an unlimited degree.